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What is a launcher?

Launcher is the part of the Android user interface that lets users customize the home screen, app drawer, launch mobile apps, make phone calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices.

What is an icon pack?

A set of graphics that will change the look of your home screen and app drawer icons.

How do i use an icon pack?

You will need a launcher that supports custom icon packs. Supported launchers are listed in the Play store description. If you are confused which launchers should be used, just go to the "Apply" section, and install any launcher from there.

How do i apply an icon pack?

You can open the navigation drawer then tap on "Apply". Choose your launcher from the list. If your launcher is not listed there but this icon pack is compatible with it (see on Google Play Store description for supported launchers), you can apply the icon pack manually from your launcher settings.

How do i see all icons included?

Open the navigation drawer then tap on "Icons".

I can't see a complete icon name

Just tap the icon. A preview dialog will appear with a bigger image and complete icon name.

How can i replace icons with an alternate icon?

It depends on which launcher you use. Not every launcher supports icon editing. Mostly you can edit an icon by tapping and holding the icon or double tapping it.

How do i request an icon?

Open the navigation drawer then tap on "Icon Request".

How can i restore remaining Premium Requests?

Open the navigation drawer then tap on "Settings", choose "Restore Purchases". If you had remaining Premium Requests before reinstalling, they will be restored.

After restarting my phone, the icon pack is not applied?

It happened because this icon pack was moved to SD Card, you should install it in internal memory.

Why do the icons looks jaggy or pixelated on my phone?

The problem might come from the launcher that you use when handling big icon resolution. You can fix it by increasing the icon size to 115-120% or maximum in some launchers. Alternatively you might want to change your launcher.

Why hasn't the app drawer icon changed?

That depends on your launcher, in most cases simply restart your launcher or change the icon manually.

What is the "Report Bugs" option?

"Report Bugs" is used to report bugs related to the icon pack, helps to fix whatever error that has occurred.

Why isn't my launcher included in the apply section?

Not every launcher supports direct apply, and some of them can't be accessed directly from the dashboard. You can apply the icon pack manually from the launcher settings.

Wallpaper can't be applied, just showing black screen?

When you "Set Wallpaper" directly from the app, it will be downloaded to the cache, then the dashboard app will try to apply it. Applying will take some time and also need a huge amount of RAM for a short timespan. "Black Screen" errors may appear because your phone doesn't have enough free RAM to process the wallpaper. Restarting your phone will fix this problem. After restarting, your phone will have more RAM available. Alternatively, you can open the downloaded wallpaper from your Gallery and set it as wallpaper from there.

Why are Read & Write External Storage permission needed?

It is used to read & write cache, and collect the icon request data.

Why is Internet permission needed?

It is used to load Cloud Based Wallpapers & download them.

Why is Access Network State permission needed?

It is used to check if your phone has an internet connection or not.

Why is Access Wifi State permission needed?

It is used to check if your phone has an internet connection to wifi or not, to load cloud wallpapers.

Why is Set Wallpaper permission needed?

It is used to apply wallpapers directly from the dashboard app.

Why is Wake Lock Permission needed?

It is used by Live Wallpaper.

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